PhD. studies

Pursuing doctoral studies at the Faculty of Aeronautics means devoting yourself to a research project under the supervision of an experienced researcher. You will follow an individual study plan, take courses within a doctoral programme and write a thesis. In order to succeed as a doctoral student, you need to be goal oriented, driven and willing to take responsibility for your own work. Your development goes hand in hand with the progression of your research project and coursework.

Doctoral study in the  full-time form lasts 3 years, in the part-time form lasts 4 years. The student is offered a scholarship for the doctoral study in the full-time form.  The part-time form of study is charged by 1000, – € / academic year.

The condition for admission to the doctoral study in the academic year 2020/2021 is the completion of the second level of university education and successful completion of the entrance examination.

PhD. study applications, in which the applicant lists one of the dissertation topics listed in the relevant study program together with the name of the supervisor, must be delivered to the Department of Science and Research at the Faculty of Aeronautics, or sent by post (registered mail).

The dissertation topics for AY 2020/2021 are published separately.

Estimated numbers of admitted students

  • Full-time study: 3/13 (Air transport management / Aerospace systems)
  • Part-time study: 10

The application will be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, certified copies of the documents of completion of studies, a list of scientific and scientific papers published so far, a framework project on the topic of the dissertation and proof of payment for the admission procedure.

The entrance examination consists of a linguistic and a professional part. The number of admitted applicants in full-time study depends on the number of doctoral positions at the Faculty of Aviation. The dean decides on the admission of candidates on the basis of a recommendation, resp. a candidate advisor appointed by the admission committee in the field of study TRANSPORT.

Application deadline: until 31 May 2020
Date of the interview: 23 June 2020
Admission fee: 40,- € (print application)
30,- € (e-application)

For more information contact: miroslav.kelemen@tuke.sk

Open PhD. topics for the Academic year 2020/2021:

  • Psychological and physiological aspects of transfer and interference in the use of innovative pilot training methods in transition from analogue to digital cockpit
  • Model of ergonomic solution of workplace of LETVIS training simulator of students – air traffic control staff to increase performance, quality and safety of work
  • Expert model of student – pilot performance assessment within the personal counseling to Improve the quality of individual aviation education outputs
  • Processing of route designs and verification of air traffic services route design methodology for the efficient use of selected Slovak airspace and elimination of negative impacts of aviation activities on the environment and public health
  • Design of technical solution of communication interface of workplace of air traffic control simulation center FA TUKE
  • Intelligent airport protection supported by sophisticated security systems
  • Selection of suitable emergency landing sites using multi-criteria analysis and GIS
  • Highly integrated flight and engine control systems
  • Intelligent diagnostics of small turbojet engines
  • Intelligent embedded control systems of unmanned aeroplanes
  • Architectures for navigation and control of UAV with a fixed wing
  • Optoelectronic identification of small unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Possibilities of using digital factory in aerospace industry
  • Intensification of technical capability of jet engine components
  • Intensification of technical capability of the transport means
  • Prediction of autorotational motion of aircraft
  • Hybrid modeling of complex systems in transportation
  • Integrated diagnostics of micro turbocompressor engines
  • Surveying of stationary magnetic fields using unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Utilization of existing electromagnetic fields and signals in unmanned vehicles control management
  • Electronic Data Acquisition and Processing System for Optimisation of Unmanned Vehicles Operators Training
  • Miniature sensors based on magnetic microwires
  • Experimental modelling of unmanned aerial vehicle characteristics
  • Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Area Security
  • Application of Magnetometry in Non-Destructive Diagnostics of Transport Systems
  • Magnetometric System for satelites of CubeSat Class
  • Economic aspects of navigation systems operation at selected airport
  • Possibilities of air carrier income management from paying passengers
  • Efficiency of IFR training simulation versus pilot experience during flight
  • The use of contactless sensors for security systems
  • The optimization of the nanosatellite magnetorquer performance
  • Accuracy of positioning of the flying object by telemetry method
  • Algorithmization of the educational process in the practical training of air traffic controllers for a specific air traffic services provider
  • Applicability of predictive models of airport development and possibilities of their use in times of crisis
  • Helicopter with a pilot in the loop modeling and control in a firefighting task
  • Economic recovery of selected airlines after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Use of innovative processes in the portfolio of the digital factory in the maintenance of aircraft technology
  • Database of selected medical data of aviation personnel for forensic purposes in aviation medicine and information model of risk assessment by an expert opinion of a forensic doctor

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