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The Technical University of Košice is a public university. It is a modern scientific institution providing a full range of technological and economic education at both under-graduate and post-graduate levels for national and international students. Following the principles of Bologna Declaration, it provides higher education for international students in the English language in the following study programmes at three levels:

The Bachelor’s study programme (“Bachelor” degree) which takes three years at least and four years at most (in the case of architecture, fine art and design).

The Master‘s study programme (“Magister” and “Engineer” degrees) which takes two years, so that the total standard duration of study according to the bachelor study programme and the subsequent master level study programme in the same or related field of study is altogether a minimum of five years. The basic condition for admission to the second level study is graduation from bachelor study.

The PhD study programme. The standard length in full-time form is three years at least and four years at most, duration in part-time form. The basic condition for the admission to the PhD study programme is graduation from second level university study. All study programmes must be accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.

The teaching process includes various forms of instruction such as lectures, seminars, exercises, laboratory work, projects, practical training, consultations, etc. The student‘s standard load is expressed by the number of credits: 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester. The institution of higher education determines the total number of credits required for the due completion of the study in its respective stages.

The Technical University of Košice has 9 Faculties. Each Faculty offers accredited degree programmes at bachelor, master and doctoral levels. Studies can be undertaken in the form of full-time or part-time studies.


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