Cooperation offer

The cooperation of the TUKE  Faculty of Aeronautics with practical partners is a mutually beneficial part of the existence of cooperating entities, which represents the possibility of a closer connection of education and research with the solution of specific operational tasks and is the necessary feedback and source of innovation processes.

Objectives of the Partner Program

  • Preparing students for successful entry into the work market after graduation
  • Establishment and expansion of cooperation between the Faculty of Aeronautics and the partner from industry and aviation practice
  • Building long-term relationships and cooperation with selected companies that are interested in contributing to the improvement of aviation education in the long term

Main benefits for practice partners

  • Building awareness among students about a prospective employer
  • A well-prepared graduate with the required knowledge, motivated to work in the given company, prepared for the given practice environment
  • Creation of possibilities for influencing the training of students and obtaining a qualified graduate according to the specific requirements of practice
  • The possibility of choosing high-quality graduates - access to the best students during internships, diploma practice and project management


  • The Faculty of Aeronautics TUKE offers the following services for interested parties - partners from practice within the framework of building cooperation and visibility of their activities:
  • Support in entering and specifying final theses - bachelor’s diploma, doctoral theses, solving specific professional problems, cooperation in team projects
  • Creation of opportunities for obtaining a qualified graduate according to the specific requirements of practice - cooperation in organizing excursions and internships competitions for smart students, etc.
  • Organization and promotion of specific partner activities - lecture, seminar, workshop, etc.
  • Support for the participation of practitioners in state final exams
  • Promotion of the partner’s activities at all events organized by the Faculty of Aeronautics - scientific conferences, seminars, methodical union meetings, workshops, lectures, LF Open Days, academic and social events (matriculation, graduations, balls, etc.)
  • Promotion of the partner at all events organized by students – student scientific professional activities, doctoral conferences, social events, etc.
  • Promotion of the partner in publications published by the Faculty of Aeronautics (study literature, scientific magazine, study information, recruitment flyers, etc.), on the faculty’s website, on the Faculty’s Facebook profile, provision of premises, technology and students, for suitable topics also within the pedagogical process
  • Placement of posters, roll-ups, banners, presentation stands in the premises of the faculty and at events organized by the faculty.

Based on the specific conditions of practice, cooperation between partners can take place on the basis of mutually beneficial contracts at different levels:

The lowest level (PARTNER) – suitable for smaller companies, which can use it as a tool for starting cooperation with an educational institution, the primary goal of which is to establish initial contacts or solve selected problems by entering topics for students’ final theses. Specific forms of activities: inviting partners to joint meetings and seminars with employees of individual professional groups (departments), announcements about job vacancies or various links for students, joint meetings twice a year with the possibility of presenting company materials, writing final (bachelor, diploma) theses, in which the leader or consultant can be a worker from a partner organization, Presentation of the partner in the annual reports and on the website of the faculty.

Medium level (MAIN PARTNER) – suitable for medium and larger companies, which is used to solve joint projects, for example with a view to obtaining European funds, in which the connection of academic research with practice is often a necessary requirement and the connection between academic staff and students with a partner from practice, it is a common interest for building cooperation and longer-term relationships.
Specific forms of activities: solution of specific development projects according to the specification of the partner as part of students’ final theses (coordination of assignments by the faculty), mutual agreement and assignment of a simple research and development project, sponsorship of the best bachelor’s or diploma theses in individual fields of study or the best students, organization of professional partner seminar.

The highest level (STRATEGIC PARTNER) – the highest level of partnership with a long-term common interest with the possibility of changes in the focus of study or research according to the requirements of practice. It is a form of very close cooperation with a serious interest of both parties in joint activities.
Specific forms of activities: joint scientific-research projects, sponsoring of universities dents in doctoral studies, direction of certain areas of education, meetings of students with partners, organization of joint professional seminars, allocation of a worker from a partner organization for closer communication and coordination of activities with the faculty.

Partners at all the mentioned levels meet intensively and regularly (e.g. every semester), inform each other and adapt the forms of their cooperation and promotion. That is, the connections are more intensive and compared to the past, not only through open days or job fairs. A condition for longer-term functioning of the mentioned links is the existence of funds to cover the costs of ensuring joint activities. The Faculty of Aeronautics organizes a meeting twice a year of companies - all partners from practice with students and staff of the faculty. After registration, partners thus have the opportunity to directly address students, present their areas of activity and solve specific questions in a mutual discussion. The presentation of companies can take place in the form of their performances in blocks in auditoriums, in the form of stands or other forms of presentation.

For those interested in partnership - contacts

If you are interested in longer-term cooperation with the TUKE Faculty of Aeronautics, please contact us to agree on the details:
Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Aeronautics Rampová 7, 041 21 Košice

doc. Ing. Peter Korba, PhD., Ing.Paed.IGIP, dean of TUKE Faculty of Aeronautics
Phone: +421 55 602 6102 sekretariát, e-mail:

M.Eng. Ing. Marek Košuda vice dean for development of the TUKE Faculty of Aeronautics
Phone: +421 55 602 6189, +421 918 949 922 e-mail:

Cooperation offer for partners from practice - Partner program