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The Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University in Košice prepares its students according to the requirements of the aviation legislation of the European Union. Students have the opportunity to improve their skills in courses that can be completed in a faculty organization approved for the training of ATCO TO air traffic controllers and take knowledge tests in an organization approved under Part 147 for the training of aircraft maintenance personnel. Completing the mentioned courses and exams significantly expands the possibility of its graduates applying abroad.

Graduates of the Faculty of Aeronautics find employment in airline companies and institutions, as well as in organizations dealing with the production, maintenance and repair of aviation and security equipment. Their education creates the prerequisites for employment in management, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer companies, in the automotive industry, in public and state administration, in the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, in the field of foreign trade, etc.


Recommended study plans valid for the academic year 2023/2024

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Specification to the second remedy for exams

Current wording of § 18 of the TUKE Study Rules, paragraph 18:
“If the student has been assessed on the examination by a classification stage” inadequately ", he has the right to one correction term. The student has the right to a second correction term in a maximum of two subjects."


  • The student does not apply for a second correction term,
  • A student may have a second correction term for a single semester in a maximum of two subjects and is not in his responsibility not to exceed this number, 
  • The inspection is performed by the study paper and if the student has a second correction term in one semester in more than two subjects, the MAIS will be cancelled from the other corrective terms, which are extra (according to the test date)


Information on the subject physical education

The guarantor of the subject Physical Education for the Faculty of Aeronautics is Mgr. Miroslava Barcalová, PhD., with whom it is necessary to solve all questions/requirements regarding the subject Physical Education.

Mgr. Miroslava Barcalová, PhD.
phone: +421 55 602 4228

Complete information on the subject Physical Education and Academic Sports at TUKE is available at the link below:

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