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The publication activity of the staff of the Faculty of Aeronautics is one of the main outputs of their scientific research, development and other creative activities. An overview of publications and reviews of individual workers can be found in the system for recording the publication activity of TU Košice – EPC TU University Library:

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Publication possibility - Special issue of Aerospace magazine!

Special issue: New Trends in Aviation Development 2021-2022

TUKE Faculty of Aviation in cooperation with Beihang University in China informs and invites authors to publish in the Special Issue of the journal AEROSPACE (ISSN 2226-4310; international peer-reviewed Open Access journal), published by MDPI, IF 1.659 WoS Current Contents Connect Q2, Scopus Q2.

Contributions will be accepted until October 31, 2022.

The special issue aims to present progress in aviation and space technologies or an interdisciplinary agenda, including a selected contribution from the international scientific conference New trends in aviation development "NTinAD 2021" , but also contributions from other non-conference researchers who correspond to the topics of this special issue by the deadline for submissions.

The objective is to provide an international forum for the presentation of advances in air traffic management and operations, aircraft design and aeronautical technology, as well as education, management, policy, planning, and aviation market issues affecting the future direction of the aviation industry, the challenges of aviation recovery, development of tourism and international cooperation in the period after the COVID-19 period, within the framework of ecologically innovative technologies for the protection of the environment and public health, with the support of IT technology for decision-making processes.

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  • aeronautics and aerospace technologies, dual-use applications
  • aircraft design, maintenance and services, certification
  • photogrammetry and GIS
  • avionics
  • aeronautical meteorology
  • aerodynamics, vibroacoustic issues
  • space systems, sensors, application of superconducting technology in astronautics
  • numerical modeling, multicriteria decision processes, big data
  • aeronautics education and training
  • human factors and performance
  • reliability, safety and security, risk assessment