Doctoral studies - 3rd level of university studies

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Doctoral studies - 3rd level of university studies

Information on the enrollment of doctoral students for AR 2024/2025

Enrollment of PhD students. the study for AR 2024/2025 will take place online via IS MAIS, from September 4, 2024 to September 8, 2024. Information on online registration for studies in AR 2024/2025 is provided in IS MAIS. Before enrolling, the student must have paid (and registered in IS MAIS) the enrollment fee, in the case of external studies, the tuition fee as well. Please make payments individually, by bank transfer, indicating the correct variable and specific symbol. By the day of enrollment, send proof of payment of tuition fees for external studies to the address: 

1st year students, full-time study - also personal registration on 9.9.2024 - 11.9.2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (after online registration in IS MAIS), at the lecture for science and research.

The student, after enrolling in the course and presenting proof of payment, can pick up an ISIC extension stamp at the Institute of Computing Technology TUKE.

After completing the electronic registration, the student can print the “Certificate of Study” form from MAIS and have the completed form confirmed at the department for science and research.

If the student does not pay the fees in question by the set deadline, it will be considered as a manifestation of his lack of interest in studies and he will lose the right to enroll in the given study program according to § 58 par. 9 of the Act. and § 10 par. 7 of the admission procedures of the Technical University in Košice.

Instructions for students already studying:
Before registering, check the records of all completed subjects in MAIS. In the event that you have not submitted the certificates of completion of the subject to the department of science and research of the LF, do so in the registration.

In case of questions, contact me by e-mail: 


Doctoral study programs:

Study Programmes  / Programs 

of study

Study form

Study period

Air Traffic Management 
 in the Slovak language daily 3 years
external 4 years
Aviation and Space Systems
 in the Slovak language daily 3 years
external 4 years
Aerospace Systems
(Aeronautical and space systems)

English daily 3 years
external 4 years


Admission conditions for 3rd degree studies – Doctoral studies at TUKE Faculty of Aeronautics in the academic year 2024/2025 

Doctoral studies in full-time form last 3 years, in external form 4 years. The university provides a full-time doctoral student with a scholarship for the duration of this study. The external form of study in the Slovak language is subject to a fee (€1,000/academic year).

The condition for admission to doctoral studies in the academic year 2024/2025 is the completion of the second level of higher education and successful completion of the entrance exam.

Applications for doctoral studies, in which the applicant, in addition to the study program, indicates one of the listed topics of the dissertations in the relevant study program together with the name of the supervisor (§ 54 para. 5-7), are submitted electronically, respectively. The applicant will deliver them to the Department for Science, Research and Study of the 3rd Degree of LF TUKE or send by post (recommended delivery).

Expected numbers for admission to the study programe (SP):

  • Full-time study: RLD/LAKS 2/2
  • External study: RLD/LAKS 2/2

To the aplication  (PhD application) the aplicant shall attach a curriculum vitae, certified copies of documents on graduation, a list of professional and scientific works published so far, a framework project on the topic of the dissertation and proof of payment of the admission fee.
The entrance exam (Section 57, paragraph 3 of the Act) consists of a language and professional part. The number of full-time applicants admitted depends on the number of doctoral positions at the Faculty of Aviation. The dean decides on the acceptance of applicants on the basis of a recommendation, or the waiting list of applicants established by the ad


Electronic application


Important dates and payment options:

Application deadline: until June 10, 2024
Date of entrance exams: June 17, 2024
Admission fee: 30.- € (e-application)
40.- € (paper application)
Admission fee: 
(study in a language other than the state language)
60.- € (e-application)
70.- € (paper application)
Account number in IBAN form: SK96 8180 0000 0070 0020 1621
Variable symbol: 55903
Constant symbol: 0308
Text for recipient: Name Surename


Topics for the admission procedure for doctoral studies for AR 2024/2025

Proposed dissertation topic / supervisor / form of study:


The trade union commission for doctoral studies at the TUKE Faculty of Aeronautics

Field od study: Transport



Doctoral study documentation: