Doctoral Studies

Aeronautics and space systems

A graduate of the doctoral study program Aeronautical and space systems in the field of study Aeronautical and space engineering masters the scientific methods of research and development in the field, demonstrates the ability and readiness for independent creative and research activity in the given field. The graduate is able to abstract scientific problems while studying foreign professional literature, is ready to shape trends and concepts of development in technically and computer-supported aerospace constructions and technologies.

A graduate of the 3rd degree of the study program Aeronautics and space systems in the field of study Aeronautics and space engineering can work as an independent creative designer and development worker of elements, modules, nodes and components of aeronautics and space technology, as an independent creative worker in the field of software products in aviation, cosmonautics and in the field of creating new information systems in these areas or as a leader of interdisciplinary research and design collectives, able to work in international research teams, in design, technical and operational research.

In addition to the aforementioned knowledge, a graduate of the third degree of university studies in the field of “Aeronautical and space systems” will acquire the following additional knowledge, abilities and skills:

  • can lead smaller and larger teams of scientific, research and development workers, lead large projects and take responsibility for complex solutions to scientific and research problems,
  • will be able to follow the latest scientific and research trends in the field of aviation and astronautics and supplement and update his knowledge in the field of aeronautics and space systems in the form of lifelong learning,
  • learns the principles of managerial work, the design of an experiment with a time schedule, the management and control of team workers,
  • can communicate and cooperate with scientific project managers and specialists from other professions, can apply the legal, social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental aspects of his profession in his work.

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