Doctoral Studies

Air Transport Management

Graduates of the third level of university study in the Field of Transport, Air Transport Management study program, they master the scientific methods of research and experimental work in the field of air transport systems. Can design models of air transport systems and air transport processes. They control the optimization and simulation methods of designing optimal air transport systems. They are able to manage air transport systems in order to ensure the required quality of services. They know the methods and ways of minimizing the operating costs of air transport systems and can assess the negative effects of such systems on the environment. They can lead smaller and larger teams of scientific, research and development workers, lead large projects and take responsibility for complex solutions to scientific and research problems. They are able to follow the latest scientific and research trends in transport and supplement and update the knowledge in the form of lifelong learning. Graduates of the 3rd degree Air Transport Management study program are able to work as airline managers, researchers and university teachers in the field of Transport

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