Past and present of the faculty

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Past and present of the faculty

Our faculty in brief:

The Faculty of Aeronautics  of the Technical University in Košice was established on February 1, 2005, as the ninth faculty of the Technical University in Košice. Its creation was the result of a long-term transformation of the military higher education of the Slovak Republic and was connected with the effort to preserve the long-term and rich traditions of flying and higher education of aviation experts in Košice, which date back to 1959. The transformation process of the military universities of the Slovak Republic culminated in 2004 with the adoption of Act No. 455/2004 Coll. on the merger of the Military Aviation Academy in Košice with the Technical University in Košice. Since 2016, university training of military students - cadets for the needs of the Slovak Armed Forces Air Force in all specializations of military aviation has been renewed at the faculty. Practical training of domestic and foreign professional pilots and aviation technical personnel has been provided by the faculty since 2017 in cooperation with a partner training organization – Slovak Training Academy at the airport in Košice.

The Faculty of Aeronautics is the only faculty in Slovakia and the Czech Republic that offers comprehensive education in all specializations required for the performance of functions at airports and airlines. Within the framework of accredited study programs, it offers higher education for aviation experts at all three levels of education - bachelor’s, engineering and doctoral, respecting the requirements of national and European aviation legislation. It carries out university education and scientific research and development in the basic areas of aviation - management and security of air transport, aerospace engineering and safety and operation of aviation technology. It prepares experts for the needs of civil and military aviation for the positions of professional pilots, air traffic controllers, aviation technicians for the maintenance of airframes, engines and avionics systems, and aviation managers for civil and military aviation. LF TUKE holds a certificate from the Transport Office of the Slovak Republic on professional competence for the training of pilots, air traffic control personnel and aviation technical personnel in accordance with the requirements of EU aviation legislation. The Faculty of Aeronautics (LF TUKE) offers its students within the framework of the ERASMUS program the opportunity to study at prestigious foreign universities. As part of research, it is involved in important European projects and cooperates with many workplaces with an aviation focus in the Slovak Republic as well as in many EU countries.

The scientific-pedagogical staff of the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University in Košice work within the structure of five scientific-pedagogical workplaces with a specialized focus on individual areas of aviation issues:

Scientific and pedagogical workplace


Department of Avionics

Aviation instruments, navigation, radio and radio engineering, electrical and special on-board aircraft systems, aviation communication and information systems

Department of Aviation Technical Training

Aviation electrical engineering, aviation and industrial sensors, magnetometry and diagnostics, mathematics, physics

Department of Flight Training

Training of flying personnel and air traffic control personnel, aerodynamics and flight mechanics, professional aviation language training

Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace engineering, aircraft and aircraft engine construction, materials engineering

Department of Air Traffic Management

Air traffic management with an emphasis on airline management and marketing, economic aspects of airlines, safety and security protection in air transport, issues of organization of activities and airport logistics, information systems in air transport management


During the entire period of study, students of the Faculty of Aeronautics are prepared with regard to the current and future needs of aviation practice, which significantly increases their possibilities of application not only in the domestic, but also in the pan-European labor market. We fulfill these intentions by constantly updating the current study programs as well as by offering new study programs that create free conditions for students of the faculty for the possibility of combining studies at one of the partner foreign aviation universities.

The faculty infrastructure provides students with a comprehensive offer of a teaching and training base complemented by high-quality accommodation and catering services in one place, in a unique university campus located in the Džungľa district of Košice.

The basic goal of the Faculty of Aeronautics is to create conditions for the acquisition of high-quality university education in such a promising field as, without a doubt, aviation is. At the same time, thereby expanding the opportunities for graduates of the faculty for Freedom in making decisions about their own lives on the basis of the acquired education and thereby increasing the prospects of their application in life.

So don't hesitate and take off with us in pursuit of your dreams!

History of the faculty:

The establishment of the  Faculty of Aeronautics of TUKE was the result of the transformation of military higher education and the reform of military education. After various considerations on the merger of the Military Aviation Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik in Košice (VLA GMRŠ) with the Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš, the establishment of an independent Slovak Aviation University, professional and political discussions, taking into account the traditions of aviation in Košice, it was decided to merge the VLA GMRŠ with the Technical University of Košice (TUKE).

A group of people under the leadership of the then vice-rector for scientific activityies and foreign relations played a fundamental role in the creation of the faculty. RNDr. František Olejník, CSc. and the then chairman of the Academic Senate of the VLA GMRŠ, Capt. Ing. Stanislava Szabo, PhD. The creation of the faculty was preceded by an attempt to create a new and independent public university called “Slovak Aviation University in Košice”. When this proposal turned out to be politically impassable, a project was prepared for the creation of a new faculty as part of the Technical University in Košice called “Faculty of Aeronautics”. In addition to the aforementioned vice-rector and chairman of AS VLA, the then rector of VLA GMRŠ, col. gst. Ing. Peter Kandráč and also the then vice-rector of VLA prof. Ing. Josef Blažek, CSc.

The result of the transformation process of military universities of the Slovak Republic was Act No. 455/2004 Coll., the Act on the establishment of the Academy of the Armed Forces of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik, on the merger of the Military Aviation Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik in Košice with the Technical University in Košice, on the establishment of the National Defense Academy of Marshal Andrej Hadík and on the amendment and supplementation of certain laws, with effect from 04.08.2004 .

The merger of the military and civilian university education institutions took place for the first time in the Slovak university education system. After signing the delimitation protocols by the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic and the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic, the process of transferring employees, students and property under TUKE began. In the transitional period before the establishment of the faculty, the Institute of Aeronautics was established on September 1, 2004 as part of the TUKE Rectorate. The Institute of Aeronautics was supposed to ensure the education of students, the operation of premises in the original premises of the VLA GMRŠ at Rampova Street 7, but mainly the preparation of the basic documents necessary for the establishment of the Faculty of Aeronautics.

The final result of this long-term transformation process was the decision of the TUKE Academic Senate, which at a public meeting on December 13, 2004, in accordance with Act no. 131/2002 Coll. on universities with effect from February 1, 2005 approved the creation of the Faculty of Aeronautics as the ninth faculty of TUKE, with an aviation focus of study fields and scientific research activities.


Deans of TUKE Faculty of Aeronautics

doc. Ing. Peter Korba, PhD., Ing.Paed.IGIP

2021 -

Dr.h.c. prof.h.c. doc. Ing. Stanislav Szabo, PhD., MBA, LL.M., mim.prof.

2017 - 2021

prof. Ing. František Adamčík, CSc.

2013 - 2017

doc. Ing. František Olejník, CSc.

2005 - 2013


Military Aviation Academy of gen. M.R. Štefánik in Košice

The university and lifelong education of pilots and aviation technical personnel was ensured by the Military Aviation Academy of Gen. M.R. Štefánik in Košice , within the former Czechoslovak Republic (and the surrounding countries) and after the division of the republics in Slovakia for more than 30 years. As an accredited university education institution, it was an integral part of the school system of the republic, with a priority focus on the training of military students and, since 1991, also civilian students. Its graduates have been profiled as airplane/helicopter pilots and experts in the fields of aviation management, aeronautical engineering and aeronautical electrical engineering.

The Military Aviation Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik in Košice was established as the High Military Aviation School of the Slovak National Uprising in Košice by order of the President of the Republic on 20.6. 1972 in accordance with the wording of §55 par. 4 of Act no. 19/1966 Coll. on universities, with effect from 1.9. 1973. In its activities, it continued the long-standing traditions and experience of previous aviation schools and training institutes. Since 1997, it has been granted the right to conduct doctoral studies and to award the scientific-academic rank of "philosophiae doctor" (PhD.) in the scientific fields of Armament and Aviation Technology and Operational and Combat Use of Aviation and Air Defense.


The history of military aviation education

The history of Czechoslovak military aviation education has almost a hundred years of tradition, it has been written since 1919, when the Aviation School in Prague was founded. In the same year, a continuation, the Pilot School was created. In 1920, Cheb became the main center of military aviation education, where the Directorate of the Aviation Schoolswas established. The school was later renamed the Czech-Slovak Central School for Air Navigation and later the Aviation School. Since 1924, the School for the talented youth of the air force and the School for reserve officers of the air force was also established. In 1925, there was a change in the location of the Aviation Academy, which was transferred to Prostějov and renamed the Military Aviation Academy. From 1937, the name Aviation school was used again. The liquidation of the Aviation Academy due to the occupation of the Czech lands ended in May 1939.

After the declaration of an independent state, the former training squadron of Aviation Regiment 3 "General - Airman M.R. Štefánika", stationed at the airports in Piešťany, Vajnor and Nitra, became the basis of military aviation education in Slovakia. In October 1940, the squadron was incorporated into the newly established Aviation School of the Slovak Air Force, based at the airport in Trenčianske Biskupice.

After the end of the war, already in June 1945, the Aviation Academy in Prostějov resumed its activities. A Preparatory Aviation School was established in Liberec, which was used for general military training and the teaching of the basics of theory necessary for further pilot or liaison training for those still serving. On September 15, 1945, the Air Force Academy and School for Reserve Air Force Officers was established in Hradec Králové. This year also saw the establishment of Aviation Connection School 1 in Pardubice and the re-establishment of Aviation Connection School 2 in Spišská Nová Ves. Practical training in navigation, shooting and bombing of air navigators, radiotelegraphers, gunners and gunnery officers was provided by the Aviation Shooting School, which was later reorganized into the Aviation Shooting School.

On October 1, 1949, the Aviation Technical School was established with its headquarters in Liptovský Svät Mikuláš, which consisted of the Military Vocational School of Aviation Mechanics, the Military Training Center for Aviation Mechanics and the Training Center for Reserve Aviation Specialists. Since 1951, the School of Ground Aviation Specialists was formed in Žamberk. Since 1953, members of the Air Force have been receiving university education at the aviation and communications faculty of the Military Technical Academy in Brno and at the faculty of the Military Academy in Brno. In the fall of 1955, military aviation education was represented by the Aviation Academy in Prostějov, the Aviation Technical Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš and the School of Aviation Ground Specialists in Žamberk. On September 1, 1959, the Aviation Technical School was abolished and its part, including the Military Vocational School of Aviation Mechanics, was incorporated into the newly formed Aviation School relocated from Prostějov to Košice. At the beginning of the 1960s, the Aviation Academy in Košice remained the only representative and at the same time the main center of military aviation education. Pilots were trained in the Aviation Academy in a two-year study. The training of aircraft mechanics was carried out from the ranks of apprentice schools and lasted two years. The reorganization of the Aviation Academy in Košice to the Higher Aviation Academy on August 1, 1963 marked a qualitative change. In this educational unit, the entire complex of training and preparation of pilots, all ground aviation specialists, took place. In 1967, the Military Vocational High School of Aviation was established at the Higher Aviation Academy. In 1970, the Officer Pilot School was established.

Due to the new needs of training pilots and aviation specialists, the order of the President of the Republic No. 08 of June 28, 1972, established on September 1, 1973, the Higher Military Aviation School of the SNP in Košice (VVLŠ SNP), which had two aviation school units in Košice and Přerov. These fulfilled the role of practical flight training. By order of the President of the Republic No. 11 of 22 August 1979, two faculties were established: the Faculty of Command and Engineering and the Faculty of Military Engineering. Relevant specialist departments were incorporated into their organizational structure. At the same time, departments with school-wide scope were created. From 1.11.1986 VVLŠ SNP became a training workplace for the education of scientific workers. To improve the quality of flight training, an aviation school unit was created in Piešťany on 1 September 1987. An important stage in the school's development occurred after November 1989. Based on the adopted military doctrine and changed foreign-political ties, the structure, tasks and content of military education were reevaluated. There have been substantial changes in the organizational structure of the SNP VVLŠ. In 1991, the school was divided into the academic part and the Air Force Training and Training Center, in which the Center for Foreign Aviation Training was established. The subordination of aviation school units was changed and the faculties were renamed. The Command-Engineering Faculty became the Aviation Faculty and the Military-Engineering Faculty became the Aviation and Security Engineering Faculty. At that time, civilian students also started studying at VVLŠ. In its activities, the school was fully governed by the state law on higher education institutions. After the division of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republics, the law of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 185/1993 Coll. The Higher Military Aviation School of the SNP was renamed the General Milan Rastislav Štefánik Military Aviation School. Faculties were abolished by the aforementioned law.

By law  of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 324/1996 Coll. was the High Military School of Aviation gen. M.R. Štefánika in 1996 renamed to the Military Aviation Academy gen. M.R. Štefánik in Košice. On October 1, 2001, the Training Squadron of the Military Aviation Academy of General M.R. Štefánik was established in Košice.


Main landmarks of Košice aviation education