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ASVT and LZ organization

Training organization for ASVT and LZ

Training organization for education in the field of alternative methods of weaning and transport of people and cargo using helicopters (hereinafter referred to as ASVT) and in the field of air rescue (hereinafter referred to as LZ) using rope and non-rope procedures

The Faculty of Aeronautics of TUKE offers education/training in the field of ASVT and LZ, which is primarily intended for members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and is also intended for members of domestic and foreign security, force and rescue services.

The goal of the educational activity is to provide graduates with knowledge and skills for the correct and safe execution of ASVT and LZ through theoretical and practical training.

Training of experts for ASVT and LZ in the following specializations, expertise, or skills:

The training of experts for ASVT and LZ is carried out for specific types of helicopters and consists of training in the following specializations, in the basic variant in daytime and above the earth's surface with the possibility of extension to include night time and above the water level (according to the requirements of the course orderer):

  1. Non-rope techniques
  2. Rope techniques with the use of climbing equipment and personal safety equipment for work at heights and above free depth (rappelling and suspensions)
  3. Rope techniques using thick rope
  • Fast Rope Insertion and Extraction System (FRIES)
  • Special Patrol Insertion Extraction System (SPIES)
  • Transport of people using the AIRTEP platform
  1. Rope techniques using a rope ladder
  2. Transport of people by on-board crane
  3. Cargo handler

The criteria for the inclusion of persons in the educational activity are specified in the approved manual of the Faculty of Aeronautics TUKE for education in the field of ASVT and LZ.


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Training organization for ASVT and LZ
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