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Training organization for parachuting

Training organization for education in the field of military parachuting

The Faculty of Aeronautics of TUKE offers education/training in the field of parachuting, which is primarily intended for members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and is also intended for members of domestic and foreign security, force and rescue services.

The goal of the educational activity is to provide graduates with knowledge and skills for the correct and safe performance of parachuting activities through theoretical and practical training.

The training of experts for parachuting is carried out in the following specializations, expertise, or skills:

Pursuant to Regulations Let-3-16 and Vys-3-1:

  1. Basic parachuting training on a round parachute in a classic arrangement,
  2. Basic parachuting training on a wing-type parachute,
  3. Retraining for a new type of parachute equipment,
  4. Free fall training on a round parachute in a classic arrangement,
  5. Continuing free fall training,
  6. Jumps on a limited area,
  7. Ski jumps at night
  8. Jumps into the water,
  9. Parachute jumps,
  10. Jumps from a small height,
  11. Jumps with a container and with other equipment and weapons,
  12. HALO and HAHO jumps,
  13. Parachute packer,
  14. Dropper.

According to the V-PARA-1 and V-PARA-2 directives:

  1. Basic parachuting training on a wing-type parachute,
  2. Free fall training using the hold method,
  3. Free fall training using the AFF method,
  4. Sports continuing training,
  5. Group acrobatics during free fall in chest position (FS, RW),
  6. Group acrobatics while flying on open parachutes (CRW),
  7. Free flying during free fall (FF),
  8. Piloting and landing on high-speed parachutes (CP),
  9. AFF trainer,
  10. AFF instructor,
  11. Tandem pilot,
  12. Parachute packer,
  13. Reserve parachute packer,
  14. Jumps with a flag or with a chimney.

The criteria for the inclusion of persons in the educational activity are given by regulations Let-3-16, respectively. Vys-3-1 or V-PARA-1 and V-PARA-2 directives.


Technical University in Košice
Faculty of Aeronautics
Training organization for parachuting
Rampová 7
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Course security, responsible person:
Peter Kaľavský