Science and Research

Conferences and seminars

International Scientific Conference New Trends in Aviation Development

The main objective of the conference is to provide space for presenting the latest advances in the field of air traffic management, aircraft design and air technology, as well as issues of education, management, planning that affect the future direction of the air industry.


International Scientific Conference of PhD students

The aim of the doctoral students is to exchange theoretical and practical experience in research and teaching of aviation and related areas. Scientific orientation is focused on the latest development of the air industry and technology.


MOSATT International Scientific Conference

The main objective of the conference is to evaluate the current state of transport of transport in the new conditions of globalization and expansion of the EU and to provide inspiration in finding ways of reducing security risks in different transport sectors.


Aeronautics International Scientific Conference

The aim of the international scientific conference is to exchange scientific and research knowledge and assess practical results and experience in a wide range of activities of various organizations operating mainly in air transport, namely in the: Managerial area; technical; Social-scientific.


International Conference of Sensorics and Magnetometry

The conference aims to inform about research and development in the field of magnetic materials, magnetometry and sensorics


Air space conference for all

The aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge in the field of the use of airspace from the perspective of various users, the presentation of planned changes in the airspace structure and the panel discussion focused on specific questions of the conference participants.