Bachelor's Degree

Air Transport Management

Studying in both full-time and part-time form is aimed at acquiring knowledge enabling solving routine technological and economic problems of air transport. Students will gain knowledge about aviation technology, the principles of managing work teams, learn about the necessary legislative and legal standards and economic contexts, and learn to use information technology. They will know the basic methods of planning, organizing and managing the work process and will acquire basic knowledge about business, economics and management in air transport.

Students have the option of choosing between two specializations, i.e. between the specialization Management in air transport, focused primarily on the study of economics, management and control in air transport, and the specialization Security protection in air transport, which is focused on solving problems of technical safety and security.

Since the study program is designed to provide a sufficiently broad basis in the fields of management, economics, law and informatics, it creates prerequisites for the successful activity of its graduates in other sectors as well. After completing their studies, graduates can decide on an internship or continue with a subsequent engineering study.

Graduates of the study program can be employed as airline or airport workers, and their university education is suitable for:

  • the functions of transport technicians in civil aviation and in other modes of transport, in logistics, public administration, or in security components,
  • jobs in the operation of airlines, in the operation of airports and their facilities, as well as in organizations performing special aviation work,
  • management positions requiring a broad knowledge base in the field of management, economics, law and informatics in air transport, in other modes of transport and in other sectors,
  • the job positions of flight attendants (stewards) in air transport as a basic general university aviation education (for these positions it is necessary to obtain an aviation medical classification and, in addition to the study of this study program, to undergo further training and examinations in authorized organizations in accordance with valid aviation legislation).