Engineering Studies

Aerospace engineering

A graduate of the engineering study program Aeronautics and space engineering in the field of study transport has thorough knowledge of modern technical means of aeronautics and space engineering, controls the principles of their operation, conditions of their operation and maintenance for the purpose of safe use of aeronautics and space technology in operational practice.

He has knowledge of aerospace engine, airframe and avionics systems in the context of understanding the objective of the application of flying assets. He is also able to assess the functionality of technical and computer-supported devices in the given conditions of aircraft facilities or other production operations, repair facilities and professional laboratories, and at the same time he is able to communicate in a qualified manner with professional flight personnel. He is able to participate in the investigation of the causes of accidents and disasters and propose measures to prevent similar accidents.

On the basis of the acquired knowledge of information systems, they are qualified to use them in a qualified manner at the local and international level, respectively. Participate in their creation for the needs of a specific aviation or space operator, production-technical or repair workplace.

After completing the engineering studies, the graduate also possesses adequate managerial skills oriented towards management in the field of technical security of aviation and space services, the production of aids and the quality of the use of information technologies. He/she also has the ability to carry out conceptual and coordination activities even in international professional confrontation. The graduate creatively approaches the solution of problems of an interdisciplinary nature based on system engineering procedures.

He/she can independently analyze and propose theoretical and practical maintenance procedures when applying technical and computer-supported means for specified tasks on aircraft technology, aircraft equipment, in production processes and in other aviation and space equipment.

Based on the acquired knowledge of a cross-sectional interdisciplinary nature, they can work independently in the field of development and implementation of new hardware and software products for applications in aviation or space practice, as well as in the creation of new information systems in this area.