Engineering Studies

Air transport management

Graduates of the Air Transport Management study program are competent and qualified university experts for the organization, management and control of air traffic, the operation of airports and their facilities, for air transport planning, for the economic and business activities of bodies and organizations operating, managing and controlling air transport and special aviation work at home and abroad.

Students have the option of choosing between two specializations, i.e. between the specialization Management in Air Transport, the study of which students will be able to solve selected problems of air traffic management with an emphasis on the management and marketing of airlines, economic aspects of airlines, issues of the organization of activities and airport logistics, air transport security and information systems in air transport management and with the specialization Safety and security protection in air transport, which is focused on solving problems of air transport safety (safety).

They have knowledge of modern transport technologies, master the management methods and modern information technologies necessary for the management of transport systems, can independently and creatively solve complex problems of air transport using modern means for decision support and optimize the operation of air transport systems and their parts.

Graduates are currently employed in aviation, transport, the military and industry. Graduates of the study program are able to use advanced methods and techniques of design and development of transport systems. They can study in the third degree of study according to the doctoral study program Air Traffic Management.